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Ort/Location: Ranstadt, Deutschland
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Sysop: Stimpy
After having spent the last 12 years on the internet, designing websites and coding applications for a living, I watched the awesome documentary "BBS/" and suddenly, I remembered all the fun I had and how much I learned about coding and about people, back then and I started searching for any traces of this on the internet. Besides some old fido mail, I didn't find a single trace of my BBSs. I also didn't find any backup of anything from that time. But I did find an active, good looking BBS software for linux: "Mystic BBS" and quiet a lot BBSs still being online.
So I decided to set up my old BBS again, too. Looking they way, I remember my last design, minus the name and uber-leet behaviour. We all grew up somehow, after all - didn't we? ;)
Meanwhile, only weeks later, I'm in contact with several other SysOps, joined FidoNet and some other FTN-Networks, redesigned the complete BBS and added quiet some files: The complete Radical Rhythms Archive and most of the Eye-D-Alistic Releases, but also some new files, like all the Party-Releases of 2013 & 2014 from Assembly, Evoke and Demodays. Also: Everything from every Underground Conference that ever was and will be, since UC1 was the only party, I attended myself. ;)
Telnet: kuehlbox.wtf:23
Telnet SSL: kuehlbox.wtf:992

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