Contiki BBS 0.3.1


Some of you may know Contiki BBS. It's a BBS Software for the Commodore C64. Rumors spread across BBSes and Fido-Echos that there will be a new release of Contiki BBS soon.

Here is a statement from the Coder:

Howdy again, dear friends of classic hardware!

Since 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Contiki BBS (yes, indeed), it would be a shame not to come up with a new release, right? So I'm happy to let you know that coding is being done at the moment for the upcoming Contiki BBS 0.3.1 release. One new feature that is already committed in the code repos at Sourceforge and GitLab is *tadaa* online user registration! No longer will you have to create users beforehand (sort of spoils the fun, doesn't it). Also, the very first user you create (user id# 1) will get full ACL (ACL=255) so it is automatically the sysop user, no matter what name you pick as a username. New users with id# > 1 will get a default ACL of 10. Further work will eventually add an edit function to the user editor (so you can level up all your new buddies logging in).

As I said, the basic changes are already in the master branch and if you want to try them out and if you think you are up to the task of compiling Contiki BBS on your own, just pull the latest sources and off you go. The registration feature does not change the data structures, so you can just replace the old 0.3.0 Contiki BBS server binary with the new one. Please note that the changes made to the setup program (e.g. user editor) are not yet commited upstream (to the public repos)!

An official 0.3.1 release including a working .D64 image and .ZIP file (for SD2IEC installations) is planned for the end of this month, but delays may happen.

The new version will pop up at first at the Wintermute BBS (telnet:// and here:

A Video of Contiki BBS ver. can be watched here:

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