Erster LiveStream von BBSindex vom 14.06.2019
Bericht zur FidoCon 2019
Portrait der Wintermute BBS aus Düsseldorf. 2019 wird sie 10 Jahre alt!
SysOp der Wintermute BBS, Lodger, erzählt wie er zur DFÜ und Mailboxen gekommen ist. Teilt mit Euch seine ersten Erfahrungen als User und SysOp und gibt eine letzte Tour durch jene Software die er fast pausenlos im Einsatz hatte. Doch nun steht ein wechsel an. Ein bisher einzigartiger Einblick hinter die Screens der Wintermute BBS aus Düsseldorf!
Contiki BBS - Commodore 64 Mailbox (BBS) Software hat ein Interview mit Lodger, dem Coder von Contiki BBS durchgeführt. Wir stellen Euch die Details und Funktionen von Contiki BBS für den C64 in diesem Video vor.

BlackICE BBS Videos

5 Jahre BlackICE BBS
5 Years of BlackICE BBS
Drobo DR04DD14 2.Gen with DroboShare in Action at the BlackICE BBS
The BlackICE BBS is running now the whole FileBase on a Drobo. Drobo is a very easy to use Datastorage. If a Harddisk fails - it\'s a non issue. Just replace the HDD with any type of a drive. Larger smaller sized or another manufacture - it doesen't matter. The Beyond Raid Technology allows you also to upscale your Storage when ever you need it. Just plug in a HDD with more capacity and your available storage space increases in seconds! The BlackICE BBS will never loose files again.
Hardware Graveyard: Seagate ST9500325 and ST9160314AS
Sometimes a 24/7 system kills hardware. This is how it looks and sounds.
Iomega RevDisk in aktion at the BlackICE BBS
This Video shows the Iomega RevDisk in aktion. USB and IDE devices details with Speedtest and closeups also intense sounds from the drives. The BlackICE BBS is using RevDisk for daily backups and more.
Lasercutter makes BlackICE BBS sign
Bondwell B310 Plus 286 Laptop Retrocomputer demo DOS&Win (Userupload der BlackICE BBS von Sebastian)
Bondwell B310 Plus 'Superslim High-speed 286-based Laptop Computer' 286, 12 MHz, 1 MB RAM, CGA showing MEM, FDISK and Windows 3.1
DoorGame KIOSK by Catbytes Software
A well known DoorGame in the German BBS Scene back in the Days (mid 90s) was KIOSK from Catbytes Software. Here you can see why so many users hooked by the game.

BBS Tour Videos

BBS Tour - Wintermute BBS (Germany)
The Wintermute from Düsseldorf with Mystic BBS Software. The 'mute went a few month later back to SyncroNet BBS Software. So... Yeah! Rare footage*g
BBS Tour - Elektron BBS (Germany)
The Elektron BBS is one of the oldest still running Boards in Germany. You can only access the BBS with dialup. No Telnet connection possible. And here is how it look inside!
BBS Tour - Blub BBS (Germany)
The Blub BBS is possible the oldest Board in Germany that is still running. Access via Telnet is not possible. You have to dial up with a POTS Modem. In the Video you can sneak into the look and feel of the Board.


How to connect to the BlackICE BBS