- The BBS turns 46 today! #BBSday

The BBS turns 46 today! #BBSday

2023-02-16 10:39:13
Today, 46 Years ago the first BBS goes online.

On February 16th 1977 in Chicago (IL,USA) Ward Christensen and Randy Suess are about to finishing the last steps before switching the CBBS online.

The CBBS was the first Computerized Bulletin Board System and would not only mark the Milestone for the Onlineage. It also allowed to invent and grow subcultures like the DemoScene. If your computer had a modem attached to it you could explore the world though it, since you're no longer physical bound to a location to do so.

In the upcoming years of BBSing the ANSI char set would spark a whole ArtScene that is still present and activ today. The ANSIart Scene. Even the exchange of text messages and files would break out of the local BBS. Tom Jennings created the FidoNet which was no less than a network that spans the world and allows the communication beyond all borders.

But there is much more to it as old terminal screens and weird sounds from a Modem. Many things that originates from the BBS Scene is still in use today. Emotes. E-Mail, Newsletter. Trolling, BBS Wars, MMORPGs all those possibilities aren't new for BBS veterans. The Internet just wanted you to belive that it was new ;)

The Website focuses more on the Topic around the BBSday and how to explore or even join the BBS Scene today.

Ward Christensen and the CBBS (source: The BBS Documentary)Hayes SmartmodemRandy Suess (source: The BBS Documentary)

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