- Mountainbytes Coverage

Mountainbytes Coverage

2023-02-25 10:23:30
Short info for all demoscene fans out there. Alisha is covering the Mountainbytes from Zug in Switzerland today.

There is also a LiveStream about the Mountainbytes!

You can follow some early content on our bandnew Mastadon account.

It's @BlackICEBBS@Oldbytes.Spaces

There will be a bigger content-piece in the future. It's planned for season 05 of the BBSindexLIVE Stream.

Mountainbytes Demo Party 2023 in Zug (CH) - View of the LorzensaalMountainbytes Demo Party 2023 in Zug (CH) - Will soon be filled up with fans and coders of the sceneMountainbytes Demo Party 2023 in Zug (CH) - Getting ready for the InterviewsMountainbytes Demo Party 2023 in Zug (CH) - Some very cow-heavy merch

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