- Amiga 38 in October 2023

Amiga 38 in October 2023

2023-03-12 22:46:03
After the Amiga 30,32 and 34 Events in Neuss, Germany everyone from the Commodore Community was looking forward to the Amiga 36.

But... the Universe had other plans in mind. For health related safety reasons Markus Tillmann, eventcoordinator of the Amiga Events, decided not to launch the Amiga 36 Event.

One year later he surprised Amigafans with the Amiga 37. Not only shifted the event period from two to three years it was also a change made to the location where the event would held. Alongside with some other tweaks like the new afterparty concept or the catering.

The next big event around the Commodore culture and community should fall into the year 2025 with the 40th anniversary of the Amiga. Except this time not the Universe had other plans but Markus Tillmann. On March 5th 2023 he announced the Amiga 38 at the a1k forum. Small hints inside the Amigauniverse could be spotted early. There was the booklet information in the official DVD of the Amiga 34/37 and in Switzerland spilled a Sponsor a little bit of techtea at the Mountainbytes demo party.

What we know so far:
Eventday is October, 7th 2023 (There are plans for a friday afternoon ticket but no details on that are concrete as of writing the article)
Eventlocation is the Kunsterwerk, Mönchengladbach Germany
Tickets will be available someday in April.

There is, at least on the time of writing this article, no word about the Amiga 38 on the offical website.

BBSindex will meet the Eventcoordinator in April to gather more information about the Amiga 38.


Amiga 38 Logo

Quelle: Amiga 38 Coordinationteam / a1k forum

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