The BBS-List in your BBS!

There is a very small "API" for all Sysops to get the BBS-List from into there boards.

All you need is an url-grabber like curl.exe (windows) or wget (boarded with linux).

Here is an example for Mystic BBS running under Windows;

Create a new Menue-Entry and enter the following commands:

Command: (DD) Exec external programm
Data: curl "" >\mystic\text\bbs-list.txt

Command: (GV) ANSI File viewer
Data: ansiviewer;ansiviewerh;0;\mystic\text\bbs-list.txt

NOTE: Make sure that curl.exe is written in SYSTEM PATH= and/or located in \mystic

What's the Voodoo?

The first command will fetch an ascii-copy WITH MYSTIC |COLOR-CODES and dump it into the file bbs-list.txt located in your \mystic\text\ folder.

The 2nd command starts the build-in ansiviewer from Mystic BBS and shows the bbs-list.txt file to your users.


You can use the following URL to fetch an clean ASCII BBS-List without the mystic color-codes and show this version of the BBS-List to your user.

I would be thankful for instructions how to set the list up for several BBS Software like Syncronet or other ones.

Please share your knowledge with other Sysops, correct my tiny-tutorial if i missed something or could do it better.

The BBS-List will also spread to the Scene via the BBS-Network. Contact Vitus Zeel@2:240/8001 for more infos about the Network and how you can get the binary version with prebuild phonebooks based on the list.

Should i translate this to german?
Soll ich das noch auf Deutsch uebersetzten?